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Anonymous asked: Roomba robot designed to be like a house cat. Gently bumping into human's legs (or tries to; it usually ends up bumping against their ankles). Sitting in warm sun patches on the floor but can't do that for too long or else it'll overheat. Getting picked up and put in human's lap and playing audio clips of cat purrs. Sometimes getting the night crazies and all you hear lying in bed is the sound of the mechanical whirr of a roomba going really fast over hard wood floor.



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Hey Tumblr! Do you like Daft Punk and Steam Powered Giraffe?


Do you also like the idea of having animated personas of yourself in a band, such as with Gorillaz or Studio Killers?

Well now you (probably) can, with animated robots! My friends and I are making a band just like that, where all of the members are robots. No musical experience required: this is for all of us to learn!

All you have to do is send me an ask with your skype username, and I’ll add you into our skype group, so we can discuss potential ideas! All you need to promise is that you’ll be active.

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